I can see a familiar silhouette on the horizon. Would it really be you? My eyes like to admire each of your curves that I once drowned under my kisses. Your golden hair waltzes gracefully to the breath of the wind and I stand there, weary, to look at you. Your mild face graced with freckles is covered under this whitish veil. Did you come back to see me? If only you knew how much I miss you. I would give everything to drown myself again in your eyes and feel with the tips of my fingers the softness of your porcelain skin. 

Please, look at me. I wish you could feel the cold heat taking over my soul. Let me touch you, let me kiss you. Please don't go away, please don't abandon me again. I'm walking blindly to you, through the pearlescent thick mist. The milky fog rises and you're gone. I'm looking for you, I'm trying to find you, in vain. You leave only this sweet woody fragrance that I know so much. Come back, I'm begging you, do not leave me alone, it's so cold in my heart. 

I choke, I suffocate, I drown. I sink in an ocean filled with my watery eyes. And everything disappears, the nothingness is closing above me. I stay there, without my soul and my heart. A jolt runs through me and hits me. I open my eyes. I feel the cold sheets near me and I remember, I finally remember. I remember how much I miss you.

Photographs and music by Samuel Vansteenkiste.

Poetry and modelling by Marie Delaere.

© Marie Delaere & Samuel Vansteenkiste 

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